Good Vibes Review: The Big Boss G4 by Fun Factory

by Spoken Pandora on February 12, 2012

I may be new to Fun Factory products, but I am in no way a novice when it comes to vibrating dildos. Now that my tastes have reached new heights, I find that I am hard to please and expect only the very best from my “toys”. Fun Factory didn’t disappoint me or my “kitty” with the Big Boss G4 Vibrator sold on Good Vibes.

I was impressed with the Big Boss as soon as I opened the package. The weight, feel, and look of the massive dildo made me instantly wet and I couldn’t wait to get to know my new friend. Dildos with perks  have a special place in my heart. I am not a pillow princess by any means and I don’t expect my toy to be either. It takes a lot to get me off so I need a toy that will work hard to get me to put out. (Your girl Spoken P is not an easy lay)

The Big Boss measures 9 3/4″ and has a 7 3/4″ insertable length. Measuring from the very tip to the base of the phallic shaped head, you have close to 2″. Mr. Man has a 5 1/2″ circumference. These measurements are not for the faint of heart and will please the special connoisseur who needs some weight and girth behind their dildos. The Big Boss may not have the veins of a realistic dildo, however, the shape mimics a dick and there are 4 raised areas that have a whimsical flow to them and are strategically placed to give off a realistic feel once inserted. These areas hit all the right spots ensuring that you feel the strong vibrations throughout your pussy.

The motor sits at the end of the shaft right above the handle. But don’t fret. Although the vibes are stronger towards the end, they still deliver a punch throughout the entire length of the insertable portion. The shaft is made of 100% silicone.

The supple material is fairly pliable without being flimsy and also aids to the realistic feel of the toy. I am partial to silicone toys because of the feel they have when they are inserted. Although fully realistic dildos and vibes make for a true experience, toys made of silicone deliver the same effect without the true-to-life look that throws some users off. As always please remember to only use a non-silicone lubricant with the toy to preserve its integrity. 

The handle on the Big Boss is a work of art on its own. There is an oval opening on the base that allows for ergonomic handling. You can slip one to two fingers inside of the opening for precise movement and handling. The handle is all white with the exception of a silver lining inside of the opening and the silver “Fun” logo on the opposite side of the control area.

The control area has three symbols; +, -, and *. The plus sign turns on the vibrator. Press this symbol for less than 3 seconds to turn the vibe on. The minus symbol instantly turns the vibe off and brings the strength down as needed. The asterisk symbol controls the variety of patterns. There are three different programmed patterns and the asterisk aka the Booster button allows you to go through each setting. The intensity levels are near infinite and when you mix them with the patterns you are in for a night of bliss and complete satisfaction. The control section also illuminates when you have the vibe on and blinks as you go through the different strengths and patterns. The one touch control, illuminating panel, and finger hook allow for hours of play in comfort.







So one of the things I look for when a product claims to be fully waterproof, are seals, holes, and anything else that would prevent the toy from being submerged. I didn’t find anything like that with the Big Boss. So of course you may be asking yourself how the hell do you charge it. Well that’s another winner attribute for me. Remember the silver “Fun” wording I spoke about? Well it’s not just there for show. It is actually magnetic and works in conjunction with a charger that slips right over the wording. The magnets are strong enough to hold the charger in place but will not give those with low dexterity or hand strength, issues when placing and removing. a complete charge can take up to 12 hours and provides for hours of play time. My Mr. Man worked right out of the box without shutting down, but I suggest setting time aside before use to completely charge you toy.

The motor is quiet enough to use under the covers away from nosey ears, but that doesn’t mean that you will be. To throughly enjoy the toy alone or with your mate, I suggest being alone unless you are in a threesome or orgy. Once you come to an orgasm, you’ll know that I mean.

I don’t share my toys, but for those who do please clean it before using it on the next person or regularly change the condom. And of course, clean it before and after use. I like to give my silicone toys a nice wipe down before I use them because they tend to pick up stray hairs and lint. With the Big Boss you can use a universal toy cleaner, spray, foam, or wipe. You can also use warm water and a anti-bacterial soap. Silicone can also be cleaned by boiling or placing in the top rack of your dishwasher. I personally clean mine with soap and water, cleaners, and wipes.

My personal experience with this product was truly amazing for both me and my partner. I enjoyed the one touch control and the fact that a soft push with my nail easily turned it on and off. My pussy became utterly soaked from the first point of insertion and I found that I didn’t need lubricant when using the toy. I also enjoyed the fullness and vibe/pattern strength. All in all this is definately a toy worth adding to your collection.

Good Vibes sells the Big Boss for only $108. For a toy with this type of stamina that is water-proof, 100% silicone, click-and-charge feature, and eco-friendly because of its recyclable packing and lack of batteries, the price is a steal.

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